Hi tho.

I’m Shawna, the artist behind this visual arts studio called Weekend Canvas. I graduated from art school in Boston with a BFA in painting and I love living city-life with my tall husband and overweight cat in our micro, minimalist apartment. Somewhat of a cliche, you can usually find me wearing all black and in search of great craft beer (or some other solid adult beverage).

I love to make work that isn’t fussy, that has an edge, and that is a little bit unexpected. Sometimes that means injecting my art with weird humor that maybe only I get, using lots of contrast in color or mixing in unexpected materials (I’ve painted with lipstick and mascara many times). I get bored of boredom and I find that making art through a variety of mediums keeps my interest.

For years, I had been trying to figure out the best way to combine all my experience and passions into something that would excite me and it all fell into place when I was planning my wedding. I figured out quickly that a lot of the decor and design that was out there for weddings just didn’t vibe with my aesthetic. Being an artist (and the annoying perfectionist that I am), I knew I wanted art to be a big focus for the day and that I wanted to create most of it myself. I setout to do just this and made a lot of the artwork for my wedding on the weekends when I wasn’t at my 9-5. I loved the process and lived for the days I could clock-out and get into the studio. I felt like I was making work that was a little different, fine art, and that wasn’t boring. I realized I couldn’t possibly be the only person with my aesthetic so I built Weekend Canvas to serve like-minded folks with not boring art, invites, cards, and more.